Customizable Orthodox Gifts

Personalized Nativity Christmas cards.
Most of the Nativity Christmas cards and Orthodox gifts displayed on this page are customizable. You may add your personal messages to most of our custom Nativity Christmas cards or even upload your own pictures or replace some of the existing ones. Several of the custom Christmas cards have the same front cover but different images inside and on the back. Only a small number of different designs are shown here. We have a few Greek Orthodox Christmas cards and even Vatican cards and posters.
These cards and posters will be printed on demand by and will be shipped to your country from their manufacturing facility located in the US or EU.
Please, contact Zazzle in your country in case any problems with your orders of the greeting cards, stamps, mugs, posters or other items displayed on this page.


*All Christmas gifts on this page will be produced and shipped by
Our regular pre-printed Christmas greeting cards on this page are not associated with any discounts that may feature for our custom Nativity Christmas cards. All pre-printed greeting cards in Greek or Russian style are sold at wholesale prices and cannot be discounted further for quantities under 1000 cards.

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